I Heart My City at Intelligent Travel: readers chime in

If you love your city–and hopefully you do because there is nothing worse than not liking where you live, here’s a chance to show it off. Intelligent Travel, in conjunction with National Geographic Traveler, is running a series, I Heart My City where readers fill in blanks to answer questions about where they live.

The favorite picks are being highlighted this month in their own Intelligent Travel post. The latest one is Sonia Dubielzig’s tribute to Madison Wisconsin.

From what I’ve read, each entry is an excellent way to gather information about what to do and see in a city that captures its essence. In a way, this is a personal tour without ever meeting the person who gave the recommendations.

As well as offering a chance for readers to toot their cities horns, the series is a fitting companion to National Geographic Traveler’s March issue. The issue is devoted to celebrating the “urban places that captivate us. “