Video: Iceberg Flips While Ship Passes

Sometimes the key to making a great video is simply being in the right place at the right time. That happens to be the case with this clip, which was shot on Argentino Lake in Argentina. A ship just happened to be passing by the Upsala Glacier just as a massive iceberg broke apart and then rapidly flipped over in the water.

The calving of icebergs is actually fairly common although it is seldom caught on video. For those aboard that passing ship this had to have been a fascinating yet terrifying scene as that giant iceberg looks like it could do some serious damage to any boat that wandered too close. Watching that huge chunk of ice crumble and roll in the water is a sobering reminder of the powerful forces that are at work on our planet.

Photo of the Day: the greener side of Antarctica

We see a lot of amazing images from Antarctica, some with jaw-dropping glaciers and icebergs, others with cuddlier subjects like penguins. Seeing the greener side of Antarctica is rarer, as we tend to envision the continent as perennially covered in ice and snow. While no trees and few leafy plants grow there, you can still see green fields like the one above captured by Flickr user SummitVoice1 on some of the sub-Antarctic islands. The almost plush animal-like chinstrap penguins pop against the background of green grass and white feathers.

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Photo of the day – On the rocks

Not many of us will have the chance to visit Antarctica, especially with the new heavy-fuels ban introduced this year to protect the environment around the Southern Ocean. Next season only about 25,000 tourists are expected, about the same who visit Walt Disney World every DAY. Unless you are joining an adventure travel group like Quark Expeditions or happen to be an explorer like our own Jon Bowermaster, you may have to be content with gorgeous photos like this one from Flickr user Terra_Tripper. This gargantuan iceberg is just one of many you can marvel at near the South Pole.

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Photo of the Day – Antarctica ice arch

The frozen climes of Antarctica are considered by many to be one of the last relatively untouched natural environments on Earth. In addition to flocks of penguins that number in the millions and pods of whales, you’re likely to encounter massive icebergs that easily dwarf any manmade object. Take the photo above by Flickr user SummitVoice1 as an example. Captured in Antarctica’s Brown Bluff area, the shot positions a tiny zodiac craft packed with visitors as it hovers precariously beneath a massive ice arch. You can almost picture the expressions of the tiny passengers aboard as they gaze up in wonder at structure above.

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Photo of the day (01.07.11)

An iceberg seems like the perfect image for today, at least from where I’m sitting in Brooklyn, NY, as I watch snow flurries float down every which way against the backdrop of a brick building. It’s winter, basically. Why fight it? This gorgeously detailed image of an Antarctic iceberg was taken by Gadling Flickr pool user SummitVoice1.

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