Hidden Treasures: Bo’s Ice Cream, Tampa, Florida

When people typically think of Tampa, they think of the beach, nightlife and attractions. However when I think of my hometown, only one thing comes to mind – ice cream.

Bo’s Ice Cream, located at 7101 N. Florida Avenue, has been serving up tasty ice cream creations in the same location for more than 50 years. Bo’s has survived so long is because they only use the best quality ingredients when making their ice cream. While driving down the highway on any given afternoon, you will see a line winding down to the street with people from all over patiently waiting for their treat.

Bo’s is famous for their unique ice cream flavors and candy toppings. When I was a kid, all of my cones came “cherry dipped”, with a hard red candy coating. As an adult my new favorite is the blue raspberry dip. Just be sure to bring a friend (or five) if you decide you want the large size banana split.

Afternoons or early evenings are the best time to visit.

Stephie Mark is a Seed.com contributor.

Photo of the Day (7.11.10)

Does all this sweltering Summer weather have you feeling sweaty this week? Why not cool off for a second with today’s refreshing Gelato photo, courtesy of Flickr user Leslie at The L-List. Taking photos of your food while you travel can be a fun way to remember a particularly great meal or a special ingredient you just don’t want to forget. In the case of today’s photo, there’s also plenty of interesting visual elements that catch the viewer’s eye. The Macro technique does a great job of making you feel like the viewer is about to take a big old bite. I can almost taste that Gelato now…

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