Photo of the day: Ring Road, Iceland

I wish I were in Iceland right now. I’m not. Instead, I’m sitting at home writing in Austin where, as far as I can tell, the only ice is in the freezer. (Ouch. Bad pun?) But my friend Sarah Landau just wrapped up an honestly epic journey in Iceland. Traveling hundreds and hundreds of miles by car, she recently road-tripped around Iceland.

Iceland’s Ring Road
, also known as Route 1, is a main road in the country and it connects the habitable areas of Iceland (Iceland’s inland is mostly uninhabited). The road stretches around for 832 miles and, if you read any reviews of the drive, you’ll find that a lot of people refer to Iceland’s Ring Road as the drive of their lifetime. And man, I want to do it! But until I get to do it myself, I’ll marvel at the photos Sarah has shared with me. This shot above was taken on the Southern coast of Iceland.

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Photo By: Sarah Landau