The Icon by IPEVO – the coolest iPhone and iPod battery ever made

With 100’s of iPhone backup batteries on the market, creating something that will get my attention is tough. Unless it does something nothing else does, I’m usually just not all that interested. Now that is out of the way, lets take a close look at the IPEVO Icon Power Pack.

At first glance, there is not much special about this battery pack. It has a dock connector on the top, a MiniUSB port on the bottom, and a shiny black plastic exterior. But as soon as you charge the Icon, or plug it into your iPhone, it shows its hidden trick – this thing lights up like a battery icon on your phone!

Behind the front of the Icon is a electroluminescent panel, which shows the charging status! The first time I used it, I must have looked like a 13 year old girl playing the newest Justin Bieber single, because the inner geek in me found the whole thing mighty amusing.

The Icon is nice and portable, and comes with a MiniUSB charger cable, a protective cap for the dock connector and a micro fiber case to keep it looking nice and new.

The price is a bit of an issue, because at $53.68, you’ll be paying about $20 more than most other (premium brand) iPhone backup chargers, but to be honest, this is one product that is cool enough to overlook the higher price.

According to IPEVO, the Icon will add about 3 hours of talk time to an iPhone 3G or 4, and up to 18 hours of audio playback. The exact specification of the battery is not published, but I’m guessing it is 1000mAh.

To learn more about the Icon, or to place an order, head on over to To clarify – the Icon is developed by Essential Tpe and sold exclusively in the U.S. by IPEVO.