Stupid passenger of the week – impersonates a federal air marshal

When we travel, we all do something stupid at one point. It could be forgetting an important item of clothing, or something as simple as forgetting where you parked your car when you get back to long term parking.

But a passenger at Miami airport took stupid to a whole new level when he arrived at his gate past the departure time.

Yeah, many of us have probably been through this routine – you get to the gate, but the boarding door is closed and even though you can see the plane, the agents won’t let you on board.

Normal people will be upset, some others might even go berserk, but this guy decided it would be a fun idea to pull a fake police badge and claim he’s with the federal air marshal program.

Those magic words got the doors opened for him, and he was allowed on the plane. His plan would have been perfect, if it were not for 2 real marshals on the flight who kicked him off when they inspected his badge.

At that point, this idiot could have/should have simply left the airport, but he decided to vent at the airport bar, where he started to complain loudly about missing his flight. Which of course made it really easy for cops to arrest him.

He’s being charged with impersonating a law enforcement officer, and I’m sure they’ll find some other nice terror related charges to throw at him. I sure hope he enjoys riding the bus, because I doubt he’ll be flying the friendly skies any time soon.

(thanks Emily!)

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