Illinois Office of Tourism re-launches “Kidventure” – the one-stop planning tool for Illinois family vacations

The Illinois Office of Tourism just re-launched their family travel planning site. Kidventures is a one-stop shopping tool where families can plan their trip to Illinois. The content on the site is perfect for Illinois residents and families coming to visit the state.

The content is split up into several categories – what to do, what to eat and where to stay. Each section provides a decent amount of ideas for each region of the state, offering only the most kid-friendly locations available. I found the “where to eat” section to be pretty decent – but lacking in some of the most popular Illinois family-friendly restaurants like Superdawg and the Vienna Beef factory cafe.

Kidventures is just one small part of a larger collection of fantastic Illinois travel resources. Kidventures also offers an activities calendar and a lineup of travel with kid tips.