Photo of the Day (5.10.09)

As you might have heard, the Gadling team will be getting together in Chicago this coming weekend. It only seems appropriate then for me to pick a Chicago photo like this one from frequent Gadling photo contributor mce323. Chicago is a city of fantastic architecture, with groundbreaking works from masters like Mies van der Rohe and Frank Lloyd Wright. The twin towers at Marina City are yet another iconic Chicago architectural landmark. I love the checkerboard of glowing lights illuminating the various balconies, contrasted nicely with the encroaching black of night.

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Photo of the Day (12.28.08)

We’ve been doing holiday-themed photos all week, but I couldn’t resist doing one more. Not when they look as cool as this shot of Rockefeller Center from Flickr user Bernard-SD. The lighting and perspective on this are just awesome. Does this remind anyone else of a vanishing point drawing? I also like the way this photo further emphasizes the height of the building by sandwiching it between two flagpoles.

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Photo of the Day (06.29.08)

Check out this great night shot of the Roman Forum by stevenduke. The Forum is one of the more surreal places you’ll visit if you go to Rome, and I think stevenduke’s photo really captures that feeling. The Forum is known as the historic heart of this Italian city – a collection of aging marble monuments that once represented the political center of the world’s greatest empire. These same columns and stones that once echoed with the voices of great emperors and philosophers now stand silent – a magnificent yet mysterious reminder of what once was.

I get that same feeling of mystery when I look this photo. It looks like stevenduke used an extra long shutter to flood this night shot with some extra light, giving it a very dramatic yet lonely feeling to it. You almost feel as though the ghost of Augustus Caesar might be walking among the ruins below.

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