Confucius’s Birthday: Wise Travel

Confucius’s birthday, according the events listing calendar of the Hong Kong Tourism Board’s Web site isn’t until October 7. I thought it was today. The calendar I have marked it as today, but I’ll go with the tourism board. Unless, we go with this other source that says that in the Western calendar, Confucius’s birthday is today. Today is also National Teacher’s Day in China. Since Confucius was a wise teacher and philosopher, I’d say this is a fitting tribute.

Confucius, who lived 551 BCE-479 BCE, is responsible for promoting the ideas still central to Chinese thought. For example, your own well-being comes from respect for parents and family. And that guarding your mind guards your actions. These are pretty simplistic descriptions, I know, but read here for more.

In Beijing, the Temple of Confucius is also the Beijing Capital Museum. This temple is smaller than the Temple of Confucius in Qufu, Confucius’s hometown and is the third largest ancient architectural complexes in China. If you go here, expect festivities–which, I bet, includes food.

Here’s a Confucius saying I found that fits travel: Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.