Sick of In-Flight Meals? Here's a Recipe to Make Your Own

How’s this for
helpful:  For those of us who are sick of those packets of honey-roasted peanuts, or, even worse, those sad little
hard-breadrolls-with-tired-ham that are always served on planes, Conde Nast Traveler is featuring a recipe for your own delicious in-flight
.  The magazine challenged Gene Kato of the Chicago restaurant Japonais to create the perfect
in-flight meal.  The requirements?  The dish had to be spoil-proof for at least three hours, leakproof, and

Kato came up with Miso-Glazed-Fried Chicken with Japanese
Truffled Soybean Salad
, saying "When I was a kid and we went on trips, my mom would put this in my bento
box.  It’s like being on a picnic."  Admittedly, the photograph makes the meal look delicious, but I’m
sorry, take a look at this
.  Between packing and last-minute runs to the pharmacy to pick up incidentals, who the hell would have
the time?