Travel insurance fraud means jail time

So, is there such a thing as harmless travel insurance claim that isn’t exactly accurate? Well, that’s a good question for Shaun Taylor.

The Leeds resident was accused of making a whopping £40,000 in claims that affected eight insurance companies over five years. He got caught. Taylor received a suspended six-month prison sentence for 19 travel insurance fraud offenses … in addition to some community service.

According to Cath Williams, claims company Cunningham Lindsey’s complex technical services director, “Our operation was about collating a multitude of data covering 38 separate travel claims and unearthing the common elements between them, which enabled us to assist the police in building the case for a criminal prosecution.” Williams continued, “It’s important for would-be fraudsters to understand that while they may believe insurance companies to be a soft target, there are ways and means of spotting and proving their activities which can land them in court.”

Think you can game the system? Consider how a pair of tight handcuffs can change your perpective!