Newport Winter Festival: a reason to leave home

Maybe winter seems like a time to bundle up and stay inside, but here is an event that might get you to think again. The Newport Winter Festival in Newport, Rhode Island has 150 offerings over a 10-day spread. From Friday, February 16 to Sunday, February 26, it looks like the whole town is involved. There are mansion museum tours, tours of the International Tennis Hall of Fame, dances, scavenger hunts, plays, ice-carving demonstrations, restaurant deals etc., etc. If you can think of it, the festival has it.

This is the Newport’s 19th Winter Festival with a lot of press attached. That spells organized. You can check on the website for specific events that only happen at specific times like the 12th Annual J.P. Serpa Chili Cook-Off (Feb.17) and the Karaoke Idol Off the Curb (Feb. 24). Most events are on-going, meaning they either happen throughout the day or at least once a day. With a festival button you can get into some venues free or for a reduced admission. Special event tickets can be purchased on-line.