Needling replaces planking as the new meme in Seattle

Planking is so early 2011.

At least that’s the case in Seattle where locals and tourists have moved on to “needling,” i.e., posing like the Space Needle. Started about two weeks ago by a few bored PR folks who wanted to “disrupt Seattle’s weather doldrums with a little fun,” the needling meme now has its own Tumblr website Do the Needle, where anyone can submit needling photos. So far, Do the Needle has collected photos of people needling in front of Seattle landmarks, such as the, uh, Space Needle and Pike Place Market, and as far afield as Boston’s Fenway Park.

It’s easy to see how needling could catch some buzz, as it’s far more inventive than planking or the equally silly owling. But I wonder if this show of Seattle pride could lead to modified versions around the world? Maybe by this time next month, we’ll bring you news of people posing like the Burj Khalifa, the CN Tower, or the Washington Monument.

What famous landmark would you like to see turned into a meme? Tell us in the comments below.

[Photo credit: Do the Needle]

A day in the life of a Norwegian?

Ever wonder what people like to do in Norway? According to the graphic above, posted on Reddit, favorite Norwegian activities include “dreaming about fjords,” “eating lutefisk” and “skiing to work.” Having never had a chance to visit this Scandinavian country of snow, socialized medicine and reindeer, I can only laugh at whoever came up with this chart. And I’m beginning to wonder, why do I have a sudden urge to visit? Considering one of the activities listed on the graphic is “submitting things on Reddit on behalf of the Norwegian Tourist Board,” I’m guessing some clever viral marketing is probably at work…

[Via Buzzfeed]