Daily gear deal – Nokia N810 portable Internet terminal for $223.

Today’s daily deal is a bit of an oddball. The Nokia N810 portable Internet terminal is larger than a PDA, but much smaller than a Netbook. The device features a 4.1″ touchscreen, sliding keyboard, built in camera, GPS and WiFi/Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

The Nokia N810 comes preloaded with their own special operating system, so don’t expect this little machine to run all your WIndows or Mac apps.

That said – there are 100’s of open source applications for the N810, and it comes with email, web, Skype and multimedia programs already installed for you. The unit also comes complete with a turn-by-turn navigation package, which means it can double as a GPS unit.

Once setup, this fantastic looking device will let you check your email, surf the web (using the Mozilla browser), make phone calls and entertain yourself with some music or video.

Included in the package is of course the N810 itself, as well as a stereo headset, battery+charger, a car mounting kit and a USB cable.

To get the low price, check out the Amazon product page, then view the “More Buying Choices” in the right column. One of the sellers currently has the Nokia N810 on sale for $219 + $4 shipping – that is your cheapest choice.