More iPad news – Courtyard sponsored USA Today app, updated Point Inside, FlightTrack and hotel Concierge App

There really is no getting away from the iPad news today – unless you turn your computer off and hide in your broom closet.

Even when you peel away all the hype and media frenzy, you have to admit that Apple has once again delivered a game changing device. Especially for travelers, the iPad has the potential to completely alter the way we interact online. At launch, the new iPad has over 1200 fully optimized applications – which is more than many smartphones have in their entire catalog.

And it comes as no surprise that the travel world is embracing the iPad. In this brief lineup, I’ve collected three pieces of iPad travel app news.

Indoor mall maps in full glory on the iPad

We recently took mall mapping application Point Inside for a spin – and just in time for the iPad launch, Point Inside has announced that they are one of the launch applications on the new device.

As a quick refresher – Point Inside provides store level maps of hundreds of shopping malls, along with events, promotions and more. If you thought the app was impressive on the iPhone, you’ll probably love it even more on the iPad.

Application link: Point Inside (iTunes link)

InterContinental hotels equips its concierge teams with iPads

The concierge teams at select InterContinental Hotels are now equipped with specially customized iPads. The software on the iPads helps the concierge offer enhanced maps, video recommendations and instant booking confirmations.

The devices are being tested at InterContinental New York Barclay, InterContinental Buckhead Atlanta, InterContinental London Park Lane, and InterContinental Hong Kong.

This is just one of the first examples of how the iPad will help change the hospitality market.

USA Today app for the iPad free for the first 90 days – courtesy of Courtyard by Marriott

The USA Today app is one of the first to take full advantage of delivering full screen news to the iPad. As part of a promotion with Courtyard by Marriott, the app is being offered for free until July 4th.

Now many Courtyard properties have been fully renovated, it makes sense for them to join forces with another refreshing product.

The USA Today app offers headlines with Facebook and Twitter sharing, sports scores, full screen photo galleries and daily polls.

Application link: USA Today iPad app (iTunes link)

Mobiata FlightTrack for iPad

One of my personal favorites on the iPhone is also available as an iPad app – FlightTrack. Seriously – this is one app no flier should be without. It tracks your flight, syncs with your TripIt itineraries and updates you on any status changes.

Application link: Mobiata FlightTrack for iPad (iTunes link)