Make hotel reservations on your iPhone with HotelPal

The Gadling hotel month may be slowly coming to an end, but we are always on the lookout for new and interesting applications to help make traveling a little easier. HotelPal is such an application.

Imagine pulling up your current GPS location on your iPhone, and getting a list of all hotels in your area. The application can list the distance to you, current rates, photos and even availability.

Once you find a good looking hotel, you can go ahead and make a reservation, all from the comfort of your device.

You’ll be able to download HotelPal in the App store later this week. Best of all, the app will be free of charge! If you leave your email address on their site, they’ll drop you a note when the application is ready to download.

The developers behind HotelPal have made quite a name for themselves with their other applications – FlightTrack and FlightTrack Pro. FlightTrack is currently the number one travel application in the App store, so HotelPal has quite a reputation to live up to.