Lonely Planet North American city guides free till February 4

To help stranded travelers navigate their way around a strange city during “snowmageddon 2011”, Lonely Planet has dropped the price on its North American city guides to $0.

The 13 different free guides cover most major cities in the US and Canada and are all available in the iTunes App Store.

You’ve got till February 4 to download and install the apps. As we’ve mentioned in the past, even if you don’t need the apps right away, it makes sense to purchase them now they are free, as you’ll then be able to re-install them any time you need them in the future.

Continental Airlines iPhone app includes Point Inside airport maps and more

Continental Airlines has jumped on board the “make an app” bandwagon. But unlike a lot of branded travel apps, this one is amazingly well designed.

At the heart of the app are all the things you’d expect from an airline app – flight booking, flight status and links to contact information.

But in designing their app, Continental went way beyond the ordinary – for starters, the app includes airport maps from Point Inside – one of my personal favorites. Inside the app, you can also check in, pull up your mobile boarding pass, view reservations and even enable push notifications of flight status messages.

They didn’t even stop there – under the “more” button, users will find a currency converter, a DirectTV program schedule (for in-flight live TV), games, links to Presidents Club locations, a timetable, recent Continental Airlines Tweets and an overview of reservations.

I’ve seen an awful lot of travel apps, but Continental Airlines really shows people how an app should be – a huge amount of handy tools, and all the features a Continental traveler needs to access their reservations. Well done Continental!

All I can hope for is that United Airlines does something similar soon…

You’ll find the free Continental Airlines app in the App Store, or through this iTunes link.


StreamThru for iPhone – the ultimate all-in-one trip manager?

Last week, the developers of a new iPhone app asked me to take a look at their newest creation – now, I’ll admit right away that I get about 30 of these requests a week, and a large portion of them are just not “travely” enough for Gadling. But in the case of this app – I’ve been taken by surprise and may have found a new favorite travel app.

StreamThru is a mobile travel assistant that takes all the best parts of many other travel apps, and turns it into a single all-in-one assistant.

With StreamThru, you can email your travel itinerary to their service, and it’ll automatically add your trip to your online StreamThru account. Those trips can then be viewed inside the iPhone app. But the best part is the amazing amount of information included inside the app.

Not only do you get your schedule, but you can also check the weather, airport amenities, information on how to get from terminal to terminal, airport terminal guides, city guides, local events, phone numbers and more.

Flights can be added using the email option, or by manually entering it into the app – which is assisted by a flight schedule system – so you only need to enter the date and city pair, and StreamThru will display all available flights. Once flights are entered, StreamThru will notify you of any flight changes and status updates.

Itineraries can also be accessed using the web, where you’ll also find additional (paid) add-ons like daily weather reports and a destination assistant feature that provides phone based translation services.

All in all I’m amazed by the app – but the best part is that it is (currently) free of charge. The app is also available for Nokia devices, and can be found in the Ovi store.


Find good food on the go with these free iPhone apps

The days of relying on (often poor) advice from strangers, or carrying around a printed copy of the Zagat guide are long behind us. Thanks to devices like the iPhone, we can pull restaurant tips, reviews and locations right into the palm of our hand. In this lineup, I’ll list ten free iPhone food finder apps.

In the gallery of apps, you’ll find programs to help find kid friendly restaurants, an app that lets you reserve a table on your device, and even an application that can help find the perfect restaurant for dinner with your boss.


Find the best dives with the unauthorized TripleD iPhone app

When the commercials tell you “there’s an app for that”, they are not kidding around. So, when I went searching for an iPhone app to accompany the “dive bar day” here on Gadling, it only took 20 seconds to find something fantastic.

The “TripleD unauthorized fan guide and companion” is the perfect mobile companion for the hugely popular show “Diners Drive-Ins and Dives”. Earlier today, Melanie wrote about TripleD creator, Guy Fieri.

The app covers every single place Guy has visited – including his latest trip to Alaska. You can find nearby places, pick a random one, or use the search button to find a specific location.

Once you find what you are looking for, the app shows the exact location on a map, the original air date of the show, other places included in that show and of course an assortment of photos. It even offers a link to the Yelp review, the phone number, and a link to the TripleD episode on YouTube (when available).

All in all a pretty decent app – priced at $1.99. iTunes app store link.