Owner of largest fake breasts in Russia sues airline over “trauma”

Russian model Irene Ferrari is having the worst possible year – in June of 2009, she suffered from an exploding boob upon landing in Los Angeles, and now she is suing Swiss International airlines for another boob related incident.

According to Ferrari, strong turbulence on her flight made one of her breasts hit the seat in front of her, causing “bruises and strong pain in her left breast”. Doctors say her injury could have been worse, but that the breasts worked like airbags, preventing a more serious injury.

Ferrari says, she’s suing because the uncomfortable plane caused the injury. She claims she always flies in business class, in order to accommodate her ample bosom, but that the business class seats on this particular plane were not much larger than coach seats. She’s demanding €100,000 ($121,000).

Still, all this bad luck is paying off nicely for her – she received a healthy settlement from her previous accident, along with more cash from the French doctor who apparently provided her defective implant. For those interested – the implants are “size F”.