Clear iSpot is a $25 WiFi enabled 4G friend for your iPod or iPad

Clear just launched their iSpot 4G mobile router. The basic idea behind this device is that it’ll create a WiFi hotspot anywhere you are in range of the Clear 4G network, allowing any Apple WiFi enabled mobile device to get online.

Now, mobile routers like this are not really new, what is new is that the iSpot is on sale for just $24.95, and that 4G service is a mere $25/month. Speeds are in line with many DSL and cable Internet providers, and there is no contract – your plan is month to month, and can be canceled whenever you want.

There is of course a catch – the iSpot was designed to work with Apple products like the iPod, iPhone and iPad – and it isn’t exactly clear whether it’ll also work with your laptop or other device. The $25/month plan is very cheap (and $15 cheaper than most other Clear plans) which does make it a good alternative for the iPad data plan. If you have a non-3G iPad, this is also a great way to get your device online – assuming you are in the Clear coverage area. The plan allows for unlimited data transfers, so you won’t run into the same overage charges found on some of the current 3G offerings.

To learn more about the Clear iSpot, or to place an order, head on over to their site.