Update on miracle baby who took a train toilet tumble

A week has passed since I posted about the baby who was born prematurely while her mother was using the toilet on a train in India. As with many global stories, unless there’s some big breaking news, we rarely hear what happened next. It’s like traveling on a highway, seeing a big wreck on the other side of the meridian, but never really finding out what happened. We think about the wreck for a few miles or so, perhaps tell someone what we saw after we arrive at our destination, if we remember, but often our attention has already turned to the latest thing to pass in front of us.

After doing a quick Web search to look for information about the baby’s well-being and ending up with my own post, I headed toThe Times of India for news. The latest update I found is from March 1. The baby–a girl, either to be named Jodhaa or Karishma, had just begun to drink her mother’s breast milk through a tube. She’s also on extensive antibiotics in order to combat any infection from the umbilical cord being ripped off (and I expect spending the first seconds of life in a toilet). The umbilical cord was found by her where she lay at the side of the tracks. The doctors think that she must have not been born head first but landed on her hip since there is some internal injury there, but it doesn’t seem serious. Wow!

The hospital is not charging for the baby’s care since the family doesn’t have any money and the station master who found her spent his day off from work going to Ahmedabad to see her. (see article)

These are the details that make me start singing Louis Armstrong’s tune, “I see trees of green, red roses too….and I think to myself, what a wonderful world.” There is a line about babies. (Click here for the song)