Jack Black visits Atlanta zoo to name ‘Kung Fu Panda’ cub

The only giant panda cub born in the United States last year got a name this morning. And his name is Po.

In a bit of cuddly promotional goodness, actor Jack Black, who voices the character Po in the “Kung Fu Panda” movies, was on hand this morning at the little guy’s naming ceremony at Zoo Atlanta.

And the whole thing was sponsored by Dreamworks Animation. Who would have guessed it?

Raymond King, president and CEO of the Atlanta zoo, says Black “has already helped to bring the importance of saving this species to a new generation of conservationists.”

Zoo Atlanta says Dreamworks is partnering with it to help panda conservation programs at the Chengdu Research Base and other panda reserves in China.

No details on Dreamworks’ donation have been released. But the zoo wants you to know that “Kung Fu Panda 2,” also starring Jack Black, opens May 26, 2011, on movie screens around the U.S.

You can get a live look at Po on Zoo Atlanta’s Panda Cam.

Jack Black in his most believable (?) role yet … Gulliver

From the blog I Watch Stuff comes the news that Jack Black, comedic actor known for his roles in such classics as Nacho Libre and Tropic Thunder, has signed up for a new Twentieth Century Fox adaptation of Gulliver’s Travels. Quoting from Variety:

“Twentieth Century Fox is moving forward with a bigscreen adaptation of “Gulliver’s Travels,” with Jack Black taking on the title role as his next project.”

Should be interesting. If memory serves, the story is about a regular-sized man (in this case, a travel writer) who gets shipwrecked on the island of Lilliput, filled with tiny little people called Lilliputians. So, if IMDB lists Jack Black as being 5’7″

… how bleeding tiny are the Lilliputians going to be??

Tijuana, Mexico: Real Mexican Wrestling

As a child I would watch the WWF on television side-by-side with my kid bro and punish him later with some killer wrestling moves of my own. As a young girl I towered over the little pip-squeak and made him plead for mercy. I showed none. You could call me the ‘Macho Woman Adrienne Savage.’ These days I wouldn’t dare. In fact, I don’t even watch wrestling anymore. Whatever became of the WWF? It’s something else now, right? Through Nacho Libre it has worked its way back into my life. I want to be a kid again. I want to root for the underdog and for him to be a victorious champion and hero. I want to go to a real live wrestling match.

Tijuana. Jim Benning tells a tale of the real Nacho Libre in Tijuana, a popular Mexican border town outside of California for the Washington Post. Great fighters bounce from the ropes off each other’s chest sending the crowds into cheering mode. Few gringos are amongst the fans of El Hijo del Santo, Blue Demon Jr., and Rey Misterio. This is a better side of Tijuana. I suggest fans of the film click into this for a real taste of the wrestling scene.

In the mean time is there anyone who’d like to go? I promise not to use any sleeper holds and I don’t bite – anymore.