Travel-themed Halloween costume #4: Famous explorers

Got the travel bug and want to express it this Halloween? Following are several travel stereotypes you can use for costumes.

Here are some last-minute ideas you can throw together and still reflect your love for travel.

Jacques Cousteau: Got a wetsuit and a red cap? You’re set. A pair of flippers might impede your trick-or-treating, but would probably be pretty fun to kick around on the dance floor at a Halloween party.

Amelia Earhart: Ladies, don your favorite high-waist, roomy-hipped pants, an aviator jacket and sexy scarf. A swim cap and goggles are also a cheapskate option for mimicking her head wear.

Neil Armstrong: Moon boots and a motorcycle helmet are a super cheap, last-minute way to convince people that you’re an astronaut, but you can build up from there. Plus, you’ll be totally safe.