Photo Of The Day: Camel Safari In Jaisalmer

Today’s multi-image Photo of the Day features scenes from an overnight camel safari in the desert surrounding Jaisalmer, India. Instagram user LankaEdited used a photo collage smartphone app to share different snapshots from her adventure, then added the “Rise” filter to the finished collage for a vintage effect. Apps like PhotoGrid or InstaPicFrame make it easy to achieve this type of multi-image storytelling, which is becoming ubiquitous on platforms like Instagram.Do you have any great travel photos? You now have two options to enter your snapshots into the running for Gadling’s Photo of the Day. Upload your shots to the Gadling Flickr Pool, or mention @GadlingTravel and use hashtag #gadling in the caption or comments for your post on Instagram. Don’t forget to give us a follow too!

[Photo Credit: Instagram user LankaEdited]

Photo of the Day (4/30/08)

This shot taken in Jaisalmer, India by arunchs looks like one of those scenes that might have looked the same 100 years ago–except for the sneakers. Also, notice the exquisite embroidered cloth underneath the saddle on the camel. There is a blue ruffle border to jazz it up. The embroidered household items sold in Rajasthan, where Jaisalmer is located, make shopping here sheer pleasure.

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