Excubo Jacket Fights Gravity, Lets You Sleep on Public Transportation

How annoying is it when you’re sitting in your seat — be it airline, bus, train, class, or car passenger — you’re dozing off, and your head keeps falling? I mean, all you want to do is just sleep, but stupid old gravity keeps rearing its ugly, weighty head and messing with your plans.

I guess Matthew Gale thought it was pretty annoying, since he designed a jacket for sleeping on public transportation. Called the Excubo (Latin for “I sleep outside”), the jacket has a retractable collar that folds down when you need to be awake and locks up when you want to catch some shut eye. Nobody cares if you think Gale’s idea is good or not, because he won first place in a design competition sponsored by the Industrial Designers Society of America and James Dyson, that really blond vacuum guy.

First place Gale needs to market these? Japan. Why? See for yourself.

[Via Gothamist]