Jamie Oliver Invites You To Visit Britain

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is fronting a new tourism campaign encouraging travelers to explore the diverse regions of Britain.

The cook – who is renowned for opening a string of successful restaurants and overhauling unhealthy school lunches in his country – says that between the miles of rugged coastline and vast expanses of countryside, Britain has something to offer everyone.

Not surprisingly, Oliver also waxes lyrical about the cuisine, claiming, “British food is some of the best in the world.”

Check out Jamie Oliver’s invitation below.

[Photo credit: Flick user really short]

Follow chef Jamie Oliver through culinary Stockholm

One of our favorite cities over at Gadling is Stockholm, Sweden and one of our favorite chefs, Jamie Oliver. So imagine our glee when discovering that Mr. Oliver had put together a slide show and narrative from his recent journey into Scandinavia.

Fully available over at the Guardian, Chef Oliver’s slideshow is a love story written to the city, where he meanders in and out of lush, cultural descriptions and delicious, gastronomic profiles in his trademark, boyish tone. All of this is set against the backdrop of a beautiful series of Stockholm photos, from the striking, colorful waterfront to food and families strewn across the country.

Your grandparent’s slideshow, this is not.

It’s almost enough to encourage a wayward blogger to drop his belongings, jump on a 767 and fly directly to Stockholm, just in time for the Midsommar festival and for the long, sunny nights of summertime in northern Europe. Or perhaps that’s some not-so-creative foreshadowing.