Woman used at LAX as Jamie Lynn Spears decoy threatens to sue LA Police

The moral of this story seems to be, if you’re going to use a person as a decoy for a famous person, ask first. Don’t just pick the person out of a crowd and let her or him be surrounded by paparazzi while the celebrity gets to trot off without being noticed.

This is exactly what happened to Adessa Eskridge, a woman from Ohio who happened to look a bit like Jamie Lynn Spears, AND, as fate would have it, be on Jamie Lynn’s flight. I wrote about this and similar celebrity excitement that goes on at LAX in a post last September. Back then, I didn’t know the story behind this story.

While Eskridge was minding her own business, just being her pretty self, the LA police noticed her, and according to this article, surrounded Eskridge as she got off the airplane. The eight or nine officers directed her to keep her glasses on and led her to baggage claim where the paparazzi snapped her picture. In the meantime, Jamie Lynn was able to trot off with her new baby without anyone noticing.

According to Eskridge, the police didn’t tell her what they were up to until right before the moment the paparazzi swooped in. Even though she was beyond confused, she went along with them. After the incident, Eskridge decided she’s not too pleased to have been used in this way. It caused her mental anguish and upset. As a result, she wants the LA police department to pay her more than $100,000 for her efforts. If the police department won’t pay up, she’s suing.

While reading the details, I’m thinking that getting hired out to be a celebrity decoy could be a plausible job in these days of celebrity love. Wouldn’t it be a cool job to look like someone else so that your picture could end up on the cover of a magazine next to the check-out line at the supermarket and you’d get paid for it? Particularly if you get to travel to some exotic locations in order to throw off the scent.

In Eskridge’s case, since she didn’t sign up for the job, if the police won’t pay up, maybe Jamie Lynn could get Eskridge a nifty gift as a way to thank her for a few hassle free moments.

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Jamie Lynn, Britany, Kanye: Celebrities at Los Angeles airport create problems for the rest of us

Let’s say you’ve arrived at LAX airport and you happen to look, kind of, like Jamie Lynne Spears, and it–kind of, looks like you are carrying a baby. From this LA Times article’s account, you’d be surrounded by some paparazzi in a wild flurry as they snapped your picture hoping to sell it to TMZ, Perez Hilton, or some other celeb loving publication.

That’s what happened Wednesday night when Jamie Lynne Spears was to arrive at the airport with new baby in tow. Spears did show up, but the paparazzi were going after a decoy. [Although, by this account, she wasn’t a decoy–but someone who just happened to look like Jamie Lynn Spears who the police were helping get through the airport in the flock of paparazzi. I’m confused.]

At any rate. Supposing you weren’t a decoy, but someone who REALLY does look a bit like Jamie Lynn Spears? What Wednesday’s story does illustrate is that LAX is becoming increasingly a paparazzi paradise for snapping pics as celebrities haul themselves and their luggage through the airport.

Big deal, you might think. But, according to what I read, it’s having an influence on travel for the rest of us. Sure, you may not be hounded by people trying to take your picture, but when Kanye West was arrested earlier this week, it gummed up the airport’s flow. Security was busy handling Kanye West’s arrest outside the passenger security areas of Terminal 4. As exciting as it may have looked to be part of the melodrama, what about catching that plane?

The article also said that such nonsense creates flight delays for everyone else–not just the celebrities whose pictures are in high demand. The article also talked about how people happened to be at the airport the same time when Britney Spears was flanked by photographers who were vying for a good angle while she was making her way on the escalator.

It’s not that she was on the escalator by her lonesome. As the paparazzi flocked, some people were knocked askew. From the article’s description, it sounds like celebrities make it through the airport often, so much so that photographers stake themselves out there daily.

If you want to see what it’s like to be a celebrity, figure out which one you look like, head to the airport and try to act like you don’t want your picture taken. Might be fun—or not.

The question is. Is the photo of Jamie Lynne Spears or the decoy? I think it’s the decoy.