Luxury hotel offers rooms to victims of Japan disaster

As the world watches in disbelief while Japan is continuously rocked by earthquakes and aftershocks, business and organizations have popped up everywhere hosting benefits, donation opportunities and volunteer services to help the victims of the Japan disaster. In Tokyo, one luxury hotel is offering relief for displaced Japan residents.

The Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka was scheduled to close its doors to new business this March, but the luxury hotel is staying open for a good cause. The hotel, which once housed heads of state and celebrities from around the world, will turn into a shelter for victims of the Japan earthquakes, tsunami and nuclear disasters that have left many homeless.

According to Economic Times, the Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka, which at one point charged guests an average of $1,750 a night, will offer free rooms for up to 360 guests. In addition, guests can purchase three meals a day for less than $10 a day.

While the chance to sleep on a futon at a five-star hotel might be short-lived for these guests (the hotel is scheduled for demolition in July), it’s at least a few nights of peace and comfort for those who don’t have a next step.

“I’m feeling anxious as I don’t know what’ll happen in the future but I feel grateful that I can sleep on a futon,” evacuee Shoichi Ono from one Fukushima plant told the Economic Times.

While the number of victims from the Japan disasters continues to climb, more companies are reaching out with ways to support and help the tens of thousands of Japanese citizens who need shelter and relief. Cell phone companies are allowing free calls to Japan, and we found this list of non-profit companies where you can make donations or volunteer time.