Weird Things People Keep In Jars

People keep all kinds of weird things in jars. From Habu snakes, to one-eyed pigs, to human penises (!!!), here are some of the weirdest. This is in London.

In Laos, they put snakes in jars to make whiskey.

In Vietnam, they call it wine…

…and they use cobras.

Generally, animals seem to be popular things to keep in jars. This monkey can be found in Tulane University’s Museum of Natural History.

You can see this bottle of fish, there too.

You can see this octopus in Vienna’s Natural History Museum. Looks like a crazy wig.

Ugh…bugs. In jars. Some of which are hairy. Ugh.

Nicaraguans like to put snakes in jars, too.

Some Japanese make their sake with poisonous Habu snakes.

People also like to keep aliens in jars! These aliens are in jars in Canada.

Oh wait — I think these are just ginseng.

Snakes are things for Ecuadorians to put in jars, too.

Oddly, some people keep people in jars. This guy in Taiwan actually seems very happy.

And these women on the Great Barrier Reef seem absolutely thrilled to be in jars.

However, not all people in jars appear so happy. These kids in Scandinavia seem like they’re keeping things pretty bottled up.

Check out this kid in Mexico. He looks like he’s about to sneeze.

I guess this guy couldn’t fit inside the jar, so they just stuck his left leg — afflicted with elephantiasis — in the jar. Poor guy.

Ick…in Cairo.

Also in Cairo:

Can’t blame the Egyptians, though, because this baby is in Belhaven Memorial Museum, in NC.

This “cyclops swine” can be found in NC, too!

And, finally, I don’t know what this guy is doing carrying his own penis in a jar! Egad!

Why is she smiling like that?!