Carving Powder…in Iran

He just wanted to go skiing…and enjoy a little adventure. So Jasin Nazim and his family packed their skis and snowboards and headed off for a family vacation. They didn’t head to Canada, or Aspen, or even Switzerland. They wanted adventure — so they headed to Iran. Starting in Dizin — one of the world’s 40 highest ski areas — Nazim and his family enjoyed loads of fluffy powder and day-long lift tickets priced at a paltry $7. After a brief stopover in Tehran, the family then headed to Shemshak, where they caught more air.

It may surprise many people that Iran has numerous snow-capped peaks and several popular ski destinations. In this excellent documentary about their trip, however, Nazim presents some magical mountains, showcases some wicked shredders, and helps to show that although Iran is part of the so-called “axis of evil,” it is, in many ways, not that far away from the rest of the world.

Don’t buy into Nazim’s thesis that there’s killer powder in Iran? Check out 88-year-old Hal Luke’s video response to Nazim’s video. He loves skiing in Iran, too.