Watch Footage From The Opening Day At ‘Jaws’

No, this is not a flashback to the 1970s where we will be watching the trailer of a movie that scared a generation of children away from the water. We’ll save that for another time.

Rather, in the surf world, “opening day” refers to the first time each season where a particular surf break surges to life and kicks off the upcoming season. Much like the opening day of your favorite ski resort, this is an exciting time if it happens to be your home surf break.

As it just so happens, a somewhat early-season typhoon spinning east of Japan created an opening day at Maui’s fabled “JAWS” surf break, which was far earlier than anywhere on record. Usually Jaws will surge to life somewhere around Thanksgiving, maybe Christmas – and on some years not at all.

Furthermore, not only were Tuesday’s conditions unprecedented in their early arrival, but the sudden disappearance of the near-constant trade winds made for glassy conditions, which ultimately led to a paddle-in session sure to go down in the annals of the sport. As more and more watermen continue to push the limits as to what exactly is possible out at Peahi, Tuesday was a day to be remembered and one, which produced footage able to be enjoyed by all.

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