Photo of the day- Bath time in Rwanda

Today’s Photo of the Day is of a family of Gorillas in Rwanda. JD Andrews has traveled to 76 countries on six continents searching for and capturing nature and the beauty of earths creatures on film. The Emmy award winning video producer, photographer, MacGEEK, dog lover and dad brings us this photo of bath time in the jungle. In his words…

“To see animals in a zoo is one thing but when you are a mere 5 feet away from some of the most amazing creatures on earth and you realize they know your there, it’s magical!

On a Gorilla trek in Rwanda, I came across a family of gorillas, the mother, two babies and a Silverback. In this picture you see the mother keeping a close eye on us as the “Dad” Silverback cleans the kids. We were told by the guide that this behavior by the Silverback was very rare as they usually, like all dads, just eat and grunt.

This was my first time to Africa and by no means my last. Like anyone that has been to this amazing continent, you get “hooked” and need to see more and more. I hope to go on many safaris and lots more adventures to observe and capture the beauty of earths creatures”