Sioux City built on rock, roll & crappy video

If there’s one thing we love better than visiting quirky places it’s watching promotional videos for quirky places. Real, fake, earnest or satirical, promo videos for cities are always hysterical. From the low production values to the casting of “real people,” everything is just sensationally amusing. We’ve featured one such video here before, when we celebrated all that is right with Cleveland. Well, today we’re tapping our toes (and plugging our ears) as we enjoy this video pimping Sioux City, Iowa.

The good folks over at Deadspin found this gem and now we’re checking out airfares to Sioux City while also wondering if the makers of the video actually read the lyrics to “We Built This City” before selecting the song (unless Sioux City actually does have a problem with runaways).

We’re not sure that this video is as good as the Cleveland video (or it’s awesome sequel), but it’s definitely better than this failed attempt at humor at the expense of Oakland, CA (h/t Alexi Oberth over at Nile Guide).

Have you seen an awesomely bad (or good) promotional video for a city? We’re officially begging you to share it with us. Just shoot us a note using our handy dandy feedback form. We thank you in advance.