Jeffrey Taylor on Worldhum

As an avid reader of the Atlantic Magazine, the name of Jeffrey Taylor has long been known to me. I’ve been reading his superb essays on travel through Russia and eastern Europe for years now…not to mention the myriad other places he’s been to report for the magazine. The guy is amazing. He’s Fluent in five languages (Arabic is one of them), and he’s reported from virtually every nook and shadow of the globe. His books include Siberian Dawn, Facing the Congo, Glory in a Camel’s Eye, and, most recently, Angry Wind, which took him to Africa’s Sahel region…rather unhappy places, one might say.

Well, Worldhum has got an interview with Taylor that’s worth a read. Worldhum’s Jim Benning asks him about the writing life and travel and how he got where he is (i.e. hard work). It’s a very satisfying, personal look at one of our best travel journalists.