Travel smart: Ask these questions at your next hotel check-in

I was going to write an article for Gadling Hotel Month (July, which it is) on the first things to do when you get to any hotel. The more I thought about it, though, the more I realized that what you should do is ask questions. Jeff White wrote this piece back in March of 2008, which highlights three questions travelers don’t think to ask (via Peter Greenberg). You should also check the bathroom to make sure you have all the toiletries and towels you need, and take a look at that “hotel book” (usually on the desk) for the map and to make sure you don’t miss a great amenity.

Jeffrey White was a terrific writer and a great team member. This is just one example of his excellent blogging — taking tips from a news segment we never would have seen and relaying them concisely and and informatively. We send our best wishes to Jeff’s family and friends. He will be missed.

Peter Greenberg, NBC’s travel detective, says there are three questions almost no traveler thinks to ask hotels before checking in.

  1. How close is my room to construction? (Few hotels these days are not undergoing some kind of renovation)
  2. Are there any rooms available below the eighth floor? (Fire departments literally cannot fight fires above that height).
  3. What floors have booster pumps on them? (Those will the be the floors with the best water pressure in showers).

Most consumers never think to ask hotel questions beyond whether their room is smoking or nonsmoking, or whether it has a king- or a queen-size bed. Greenberg argues that getting a little smarter with your room queries will dramatically improve your stay.

Got other good questions to ask hotels? Let us know.