Jenna Bush on a mug: Wedding souvenirs

As wedding bells are ringing for Jenna Bush, so are some cash registers in Crawford, Texas shops. Jenna, President Bush’s daughter is getting married today in Crawford. Knowing a business opportunity when they see one, some proprietors, in the tradition of commemorating occasions with kitch, are selling mugs with Jenna and hubby’s mug on them. Last month, Pope Benedict XVI made it to gift shop shelves in various forms because of his U.S. visit.

If you have enough mugs, you can also get Jenna and Henry key chains, buttons, refrigerator magnets and trays. I haven’t heard about bobble heads, though.

Sometime this year, I wonder if there will be an influx of Pope Benedict XVI and Jenna Bush memorabilia at stores like Big Lots? Or maybe they’ll be at a flea market sometime this summer. Maybe there will be an incentive at coffee shops like buy a mug and get free coffee refills. What do people do with unsold merchandise like this one? On Christmas morning, or during a birthday party, will someone open a gift and say, “Oh, you shouldn’t have!”?

Actually, if anyone is looking for a funky coffee bar theme, why not buy up unsold memorabilia type mugs and use them? Sort of like those breakfast places that use old Howard Johnson plates.