Teen Gets Passport & Heads to Middle East for MySpace Man

This I don’t understand. Apparently a 16-year-old girl out of Michigan tricked her parents into letting her get a passport to go on a trip to Canada with some friends of hers, but in reality the young girl was on her way to Israel, alone. Katherine R. Lester was on her way to meet a 25-year-old man from Jericho as described on his MySpace.com account when U.S. officials in Jordan convinced her to head home before reaching the West Bank. Her parents report their child as being a straight-A student, student council member and one to never give any troubles or problems. However something seems really strange and bizarre about the whole deal. How did she even make it that far out the country? Sure teens travel alone all the time, but to Tel Aviv? Maybe I’m a little out of the know? I just thank goodness someone spotted her before she reached her final destination.

The deputies in her town have since confiscated the family’s home computer and were taking it to the FBI’s Bay City office for a very thorough analysis – I’m sure. Sigh, kids on the internet.

via AOL News