Qantas and Jetstar Offer CO2 Offsets for Passengers

While some airlines are complaining about environmental directives for air travel, Qantas and its budget carrier Jetstar are actually doing something about it. On Wednesday, the two airlines launched a scheme that allows passengers to offset their CO2 emissions. No, passengers don’t hold their collective breath for the entirety of the flight; this offset is monetary. For example, the Associated Press reports that a flight from Australia to Los Angeles generates around 1.4 tons of greenhouse gases per passenger, which the airline says can be offset by paying just 17 Australian dollars ($14.50; 10.46 euros) per flight. The money is then donated to a “variety of environmental projects,” like government-approved carbon dioxide abatement schemes.

Critics argue that carbon offset programs don’t have a major impact on CO2 emissions. But at least it’s a step in the right direction. Would you buy carbon dioxide credits?