Curaçao's Dive Festival

A few years
ago, I dived Curacao and was immensely surprised by the diversity of undersea life…which, I have to say, contrasted
significantly with the land-based life…of which there is very little on the island. But I’d go back in a heartbeat,
and it looks like I may have a reason to do so this May when the Curaçao’s Dive Festival takes place.

Willy over at Divester posted about the upcoming event, which his scheduled for May 20 to 27. And he’s nice
enough also to remind us that Curaçao has more
than 60 dive spots along its coastline and boasts 57 coral species and more than 500 species of fish…of which I saw
oh, about 234.  

But seriously, if you’re into diving you might be interested in various guided dives and a
number of workshops with folks like Richie Kohler
and John Chatterton. Willy even offers a
list of hotels offering airfare credit.