New Planet Magazine: Journeys Issue

Getting my hands on the latest Journey’s issue of Planet last month was a journey in itself. I’m a Planet junkie – an addict and so the moment word lets out about the release of the quarterly glossy I first squeal with excitement, do a flying drop-kick, regain composure and head to the nearest Border’s Books & Music to pick up a copy. The Spring 07′ issue features a number of well-written pieces spanning the globe from Iraq to Bologna, Italy through Valeria’s digital diary and Omak, Washington where an annual Suicide Race takes place. I must say the Omak suicide race really grabbed my attention and while I won’t be signing up to win the cold-hard cash anytime soon being a potential spectator may or may not be all too bad if I’m ever in the area. Additionally there is a divinity piece on marathon monks which is equally captivating. And when you’re ready to sign off on global arm-chair traveling and into the latest in pop-world-culture take a peek at what Ms. Charlotte Gainsbourg has been up to and look out for her new album if you like that sort of sound.