Product review – JuiceBooster 2.0 – up to 3 weeks of backup power for your phone

At one point every one of us has probably arrived at the airport with a dead phone battery.

If you arrive early enough, you can probably try and locate an outlet, but if you are in a rush, the best solution is to invest in a portable backup power product.

One of those products is the JuiceBooster 2.0. This highly portable power device combines an electronic regulator with a standard lead-acid battery.

The entire thing is easy to carry, and won’t add too much weight to your luggage.

On a recent test, I took the JuiceBooster to the airport with a phone I had deliberately let run out of power – not only did the device get my phone powered back on, I was able to use it for almost 3 weeks of charging cycles for my phone.

The JuiceBooster 2.0 setup – on the left is the compact battery pack, and on the right is the power regulator. In addition to providing standard 12 volts for all your gadgets, you get an integrated lamp and air compressor.

The product retails for about $59.99 (plus an additional $79.99 for the battery pack). The optional rolling cart will add another $49.99 making the entire package a very reasonable $189.97.

You’ll find the JuiceBooster 2.0 at your local auto parts store.