Photo Of The Day: Kalalau Beach

Kalalau Beach – the name alone sounds like something that might bubble out of your mouth in an overheated tropical stupor.

Or maybe these are just the words of someone living in a rainy place.

Some context: two weekends ago, London was dreamily hot. As I reclined on a flannel sheet in Victoria Park in the afternoon shade, drinking a Pimm’s Cup and gazing at Londoners of all types and creeds, all deeply intoxicated by summer, it occurred to me that lazy, hot weekends are the point of life. All this all-weather hardiness is just for show. What we all long for is a perfect day outside under hot clear skies.

Not really, but I felt it then. And I remember it today, gazing out the window at rainy, cold (57 degrees!) London. This romantic image of Kalalau Beach on Kauai, shot at sunset by Flickr user Buck Forester, reminds me of how I felt that day.

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