Planning a Belize Adventure

I’m not one for resorts, but prefer instead to stay in cheap, local hotels and/or hostels. Or sometimes, if I can find the right beach or camping area, I’ll pitch a tent and hang out for free…or nearly free, as most camping places don’t charge much. But you might be traveling with a significant other or perhaps you’re just fed up with the rat race and are looking for some creature comforts. Good for you. I can certainly appreciate that.

Well, the good folks over at Luxist have posted about a resort in one place I’d very much like to go: Belize. Sad to say, I’ve never been. Belize is actually one of only a few Latin American countries I’ve never visited, but would love to go, as I hear that it is not only remarkably beautiful, but the diving is said to be superb. Well, if Belize is on the horizon for you, you might check out the Kanantik Resort.

The Belize resort offers adventure-minded travelers who also have a bit of the luxury bug to experience eco-minded adventures with a hefty dose of romance. The cabins are plopped down on a private and secluded beach surrounded by a rainforest. They offer a rather impressive-sonding “Romantic Honeymoon” package that includes a six night all-inclusive stay in an air-conditioned beachfront cabana, three guided adventure tours and daily meals with gourmet dinners that can be served by candlelight on the private veranda of your cabana or on the beach. I suppose I could put my tent away for a week and do this. ;-)