$2,500 sundae (or less? or more?) in New York City–or go for a cheaper version

Yes, there is a sundae that costs $2,500 in New York City–maybe. I think that’s what Kathie Lee Gifford said this morning on the Today Show. I was half-listening, but when she said Serendipity 3, I perked up.

I’m almost sure that’s the dollar amount she quoted. If your wallet is fat enough, you can order one of these whopping treats at the restaurant located on East 60th Street in Manhattan.

Serendipity’s menu says that the Golden Opulence Sundae costs $1,000. At $1,000 it’s still touted as the Guinness World Record holder as the most expensive. Maybe Gifford was eating a version of this and it’s an unpublished secret? Maybe she said it was $25,000. She did say it’s never been ordered. I have searched and searched for this story to no avail. I’ve become obsessed.

I’ve been to Serendipity 3 for ice-cream. No Golden Opulence for us, but I do remember that my husband ordered the Forbidden Broadway Sunday for $13.50.

It was an enormous dessert of chocolate cake, whipped cream, and ice-cream, big enough for a few of us to chow down. For other sundae choices cheaper than that, check out the menu.

My recommendation is to not try going here on a hot summer day on a Sunday. We tried that once and couldn’t wait that long. We were hungry enough to start chewing on furniture. Our sundae success came on a week night after dark–also in the summer–perhaps on a Wednesday.

As Kathie Lee Gifford was eating bites of opulence, letting the flecks of gold slide down her throat, she did mention that it seems frivolous to show off a sundae of such a cost when many folks are having problems putting gas in their cars. Even the $13.50 sundae can buy 3 gallons or more.

The photo, from an article review I came across, is of the $1,000 version. It does not look like the dish Kathie Lee was eating. Oh, well.