Staying Cool in Hot LA

Los Angeles is hot in every definition of the word.

Sometimes when it is too hot, however, one must escape the heat by seeking refuge in the hottest place around – be it a club, bar or spa.

Avital Binshtock, writing for the LA Times, recently contemplated the Angeleno quest to cool off in hip venues and has come up with three suggestions for the rich people of the city, and three suggestions for the rest of us poor mopes.

Overheated rich people, for example, can seek refuge in various spas that offer “cold plunges” – a dip into a 50 degree pool that really invigorates the soul, if it doesn’t kill you first (Spa Montag in Laguna Beach or Rancho Valencia Spa at Rancho Santa Fe). Or, they can head on over to Nic’s in Beverly Hills where a walk in vodka freezer will both cool them down and warm them up at the same time.

Binshtock’s suggestions for the less affluent include a 6-mile hike to the Santa Paula Canyon Falls where cold swimming holes await the adventurous outdoorsman. Or, drop a few bucks and visit one of the city’s numerous ice rinks. A real treat, according to Binshtock is the Ice Castle located at Lake Arrowhead.

My favorite way to escape the heat is to go swimming. I can join the huddled masses and do this for free in the ocean, or I can check out one of LA’s swank hotels and indulge in whatever trendy poolside bar is all the rage now. The Standard in downtown LA is always a good bet.

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