Ken Jennings spotted at BWI

Every time I fly through BWI I seem to run into someone interesting. Last time it was Michael Phelps, and last week, well, it was another record breaking athlete. Trivia athlete, that is. Ken Jennings spent over six months on the TV quiz show Jeopardy in 2004, racking up over two million dollars in prizes, antagonizing competitors and making a general beating out of 74 episodes.

Today, Ken was sitting at the end of the Northwest terminal at Baltimore’s BWI waiting for a connecting flight to Detroit when I happened to notice him sitting next to me. Sending a message to the Gadling Twitter feed I asked “Should I say hi and get a picture with Ken Jennings?”

Obviously the answer was “What is yes.”

As it turns out, Mr Jennings was a pleasant and friendly stalkee, and when asked if he could pose for a picture for Gadling he happily obliged. He even went so far as to suggest linking to his own site, to dig some “cross-promotional traffic.” We dig that Ken, we dig that. Safe travels.