25 newly-discovered travel destinations from Wanderfly.com

If you’ve checked out Wanderfly, the new travel planning and booking service that suggests destinations and activities based on your interests, you know they’ve come up with some unique and untouristy destinations. Now they’ve gone beyond the beaten tourist track with 25 newly-discovered travel destinations. Why just see the Great Wall of China when you could see a whole city full of kittens in China (far greater if you ask us!)?! Fan of Dolly Parton? Thousands go to Dollywood, why not relax on a man-made archipelago in the shape of Dolly and Kenny Rogers at Islands in the Stream in Dubai? Can’t get enough of that rascal Charlie Sheen? Intrepid adventurers can get inside his brain and see what all that tiger’s blood does.

The Wanderfly researchers teamed up with Whim Quarterly to unearth these new places and the best activities to do. The new destinations were chosen for their interactive experiences to give travelers the most authentic experience. “We challenge any traveler to find even a single destination that can compare to these unearthed gems,” says Wanderfly co-founder Christy Liu. “Paris? London? Cleveland? With respect to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, they all pale in comparison to such places as ObeCity, Funkytown, and Your Mom’s House.”

For more on these exciting new discoveries, visit Wanderfly.com and click the crazy kitten on the home page and then Get Going. But hurry, some of these destinations may only be available on April 1st.

The Gambler is a Hit Worldwide

When I saw this article on Kenny Rogers’ song The Gambler inspiring the England Rugby team to make it to the world cup, I was transported back to a far-off land — Southeast Asia to be exact — where I sat in the back of a bumpy truck, trying to teach a bunch of Brits and Northern Irish the words. Come to think of it, I’ve done this more than once — The Gambler is one of those songs that’s iconic the world over, even though few actually know all the words. It’s just one of those songs that the entire English-speaking world seems to love, and when it comes to be known that I’ve memorized it, I’m an instant hit.

And I can see why it’s such a popular song — it’s full of sage wisdom that can be applied to life, whether gambling’s your thing or not. In fact, it’s a song about travelling and the advice garnered from a stranger on the train. So next trip you go on, take some advice from The Gambler:

  • Never count your money when you’re sittin’ at the table: Showing off how much wealth you have when you’re in a poor country can land you in trouble.
  • The secret to surviving is knowin’ what you throw away and what to keep: Apply this to your backpack. Carrying too much stuff might not kill you but it will make for some real unpleasantness.
  • Know when to walk away and know when to run. Use this piece of wisdom when you’re out on the town — sometimes it’s just time to call it a night, you know? Especially when there’s a potential ladyboy involved.