Daily gear deal – Kensington cordless netbook mouse with nano receiver for $25

Today’s gear deal is for the new Kensington cordless netbook mouse with nano receiver.

This 2 button mouse runs off 2 AAA batteries (included), and communicates with your netbook with its “nano receiver”.

The mouse is part of a larger lineup of Kensington netbook accessories which includes a universal netbook charger and a compact netbook lock.

If you have ever spent any length of time using the tiny trackpad on your netbook, you’ll understand how a mouse could make your machine quite a bit easier to use.

The mouse is on sale for just $24.99
, which means you are one penny short of reaching the $25 threshold for free shipping. I recommend adding something really cheap to reach $25.

Kensington introduces 5 accessories for your Netbook

With the amazing popularity of compact Netbook computers , it’s not surprising that companies are working overtime to bring equally compact accessories to the marketplace.

Kensington has passed through Gadling in the past with their computer accessories, and today they announced a lineup of 5 new Netbook specific add-ons.

Included in the lineup is a 10″ neoprene case ($14.99), a corded mouse ($14.99), a cordless mouse with micro receiver ($24.99), a netbook locking cable ($24.99) and a universal power adapter with USB port ($49.99).

The new accessories are currently available for pre-order on Amazon, and will be available at other major retailers by the end of the month.