SkyMall Monday: Protein Ketchup

The other day, while relaxing in SkyMall Monday headquarters, I was about to enjoy a juicy hamburger with some french fries when an alarm went off in my brain. I realized that a burger and fries was not a very nutritious meal. Here I am, trying to get in shape for my wedding and I’m denying my body what it really needs. I immediately put the burger down and thought about what I could do differently to ensure that I was eating healthier. This hamburger situation was dire and needed to be corrected. I had to take better care of myself and treat my body with more respect. That’s when it hit me. I had to turn to some real nutrition experts to fix this mealtime dilemma. Surely SkyMall could teach me to eat better. And thanks to our favorite catalog, I ended up having a healthy meal. What did I eat? That very same hamburger and french fries…smothered in Protein Ketchup!You see, the problem isn’t with what you’re eating. The issue is your choice of condiment. Currently, the ketchup that you are eating (probably Heinz since Hunt’s is for losers) has zero grams of protein. ZERO! How do you expect to get any protein if the meaty hamburger that your devouring is smothered in ketchup with zero grams of protein?

Think that condiments don’t need to be a source of protein? Believe that ketchup is just an unhealthy sugar sauce that you don’t need to eat at all? Well, while you’re cleaning mustard stains off of your shirt, we’ll be reading the product description:

With 15 grams of protein, zero fat, and two servings of tomatoes in every “dipper-style” one-ounce cup, Protein Ketchup delivers the taste and mouthfeel you expect, with the nutrition you want.

The problem has always been that we’ve wanted a more protein-rich ketchup but haven’t been willing to sacrifice the mouthfeel. Well, our day has come.

Why have a family-sized bottle of protein-less ketchup when you can stock your cupboard with dozens of one-ounce cups of protein-rich condiment ready to fuel your body and fill your garbage with excessive amounts of waste?

Now you can eat all of the burgers, fries and ice cream sundaes that you want so long as you coat them in some rich, properly mouthfeeling Protein Ketchup. It’s guiltless eating that’s sugary sweet. Enjoy!

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Headed to Sao Paulo? Try The Pizza

Want a taste of traditional Brazilian food, something that you’ll have trouble finding at home? You might be out of luck in Sao Paulo — their signature dish is pizza, according to this article. In fact, July 10th is widely known as ‘Pizza Day’ in Sao Paulo — a day when the citizens of South America’s largest city pay homage to their favourite food by overdosing on cheese and dough and every topping under the sun. But even if you’re not around for the July 10th, Sunday nights are unofficially pizza-night for Paulistanos — local pizza joints are crammed full of pizza lovers young and old.

Pizza came to Sao Paulo along with the influx in Italian immigrants in the early 20th century. But although in the rest of Brazil, ketchup is a common additive to the traditional pizza, ordering a bottle of Heinz with your pie in Sao Paulo is a no-no.

Pizza’s one of those things that seems to be everywhere these days. In fact, the best pizza I ever had (and I’ve had lots) was in Koh Samui, Thailand. As a lover of all things with cheese, I’m kind of excited to try Sao Paulo pizza — sans ketchup though (ick!)