Kim Kardashian creates storm over Federal Air Marshal mention on Twitter

Let me open by admitting that I have no idea who Kim Kardashian is — I’m guessing she does something in show business, because she has over 3 million people following her on Twitter.

Apparently enough people listen to what she has to say, because when she used Twitter to announce that she was sitting next to a Federal Air Marshal, she got a ton of criticism from people claiming she endangered people on her flight.

According to Ms. Kardashian, she used her “sleuthing skills” to discover his secret identity. So, let’s get a couple of things set straight here:

  • Federal Air Marshals are not hard to spot, and you certainly don’t need the so called “private eye skills” of Kim Kardashian to spot them. I’ll spare you the details on how to spot them, out of respect for what they do.
  • Telling Twitter that there is a Marshal on your flight is not going to endanger anyone. It is a well known fact that you have a pretty decent chance of flying with a “FAM” on your plane. In fact, the only “dangerous” tweet would be telling the world that there is NO Marshal on board.
  • Any Marshal stupid enough to let Kim Kardashian uncover him was probably not a Federal Air Marshal — I’m guessing it was just someone who saw her and decided that “Air Marshal” was more believable than “secret agent.”

What do you think? Is outing a Marshal a stupid move or just a waste of time?


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