The spread of Wal-Marts over time

For those of you that aren’t from the United States, and haven’t had a chance to visit yet, it might be hard to visualize just how many Wal-Marts we have.

In 2005, there were roughly 3,800 stores in the United States, which honestly doesn’t sound like a lot until you realize just how big the stores are. To put it into a better prospective, the company employs roughly 1.9-million people — enough to take the #5 spot of U.S. cities with the highest population if it were, you know, a city. Pretty wild stuff. (And what a city that would be!)

Toby over at took Wal-Mart’s location data and created a time lapse video showing the growth rate of the chain around the country. Starting with the first store in Arkansas in 1962, it runs through the years, placing a white dot as a new one opens. To watch the video, click the image above.

[Via BoingBoing]